and Her Kittens

They called it the five mile stare.

It's the look in the eyes of the one who does not see what is right in front of them. Some believe it to be the denial of reality.

It's the look that sees what no one else sees. Some say it means the mind is trying to make sense of recent events.

The eyes are open but what is seen by the viewer is not seen by others.

I hope I don't diminish the heroism of combat vets when I say that I have a mama cat, "Thai" that has those eyes. She never used to.

But with a playful, hungry, and unbothered but demanding litter of four kittens practically "hanging" from her nipples I see similarities between the mom and the vet.

If God created anything more delightfully helpless than a feline fur ball I'm at a loss to recall it.

These kittens were screaming at pitches that piccolo players get paid grandly to execute. They are irritatingly high, but not loud.

Thai, the geatest mama cat ever, heard them immediately and demanded the photo session be considered completed.

When she comes to her senses she'll probably insist on a modeling talent agent and legal representation. She may even have a case.

Before long she'll own this blog. Well ... darn it.

She can have it.

She's always been my favorite cat, but...

Her ridiculous demands may just ruin our relationship.

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iprincess2u said...

awww these pics are toooo cute!
I think Thai should own this blog she is a very good momma and is VERY protective