Adventures in Offense and Forgiveness
Pt 3

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In my abject fear that I was close to immediate bankruptcy, I not only had to deal with an out of control family budget, I had to deal with some pretty well entrenched and sadly familiar demons.

The Holy Spirit gave me at least two visions. The first was of me as a small flat “skipping stone” that had been expertly and powerfully thrown. That was it. That was my vision! I couldn't help but think that I was bound to run out of whatever energies were keeping me just above the surface. The “law” of physics say the energy must eventually disperse, I must eventually sink, and I was so certain that it would happen any second. If you've ever skipped stones across a quiet lake, you know it doesn't take long.

The next came weeks later, and thankfully I understood what was being said. The second was of the propeller of a large ship. The ship had been moored but it was now time to leave the port. The propellers are spinning furiously and with great roar and froth and churning. But the boat does not move right away. Its bulk is simply too great, and the water needs to move a great deal to get any motion out of the boat.

I don't consider the presence of water in both visions to be a coincidence, and I believe both are related.

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